Draft Zoning Regulations

Full Zoning Regulations: Public Hearing Draft (Note: The is a PDF of the current Word document - the final draft will be formatted with hyperlinks and other tools to help navigate)

Zoning Map: Public Hearing Draft

Zoning Change Analysis Map: This draft map shows where zoning districts are proposed to change. The labels represent zoning today, while the colors represent proposed zoning. CLICK HERE for a guide on how to read this map.

Reading Guides

Start here! Click on the links below for helpful guides to reading the new regulations and learning about what has changed.

Table of Contents Comparison: See where sections of the existing regs can be found in the current draft.

Reader’s Guide: A section by section summary of what’s changed, what’s the same, and what is new.

Zoning District Changes: See how dimensional standards have changed in each zoning district. This also helps explain how some zoning districts have been eliminated, added, or had name changes.


List of Comments Received

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Exhibit 69: Staff Responses

Agenda Packet-June 27 Minutes - June 27

Agenda Packet-June 19 Presentation-June 19 Minutes - June 19